June 2018


The debate about providing e-cigarettes by doctor’s prescription rumbles on, so Impact decided to ask 516 smokers in the UK* if having e-cigarettes available through the National Health Service (NHS) would influence them to switch.

Influencers in e-cigarette usage:

Our analysis shows the NHS would have the greatest influence on smokers’ decisions to use e-cigarettes, over manufacturers, retailers or the media. 68% of smokers claim the NHS would have some, or a lot of influence on their decision to use e-cigarettes.

Percentage of smokers who said they would be influenced (some/a lot) to use e-cigarettes by type of organisation/body

In addition, 59% of those asked said they would be more likely to vape if e-cigarettes were on prescription.

What buyers look for:

Price is the most important factor, with 48% ranking it in their top 3 factors, when considering an e-cigarette purchase. The market price sensitivity combined with the high level of influence the NHS has on a purchase decision, should mean smokers will be highly likely to embrace the opportunity to use a prescription and make savings on the purchase of e-cigarettes.  

Last autumn’s Stoptober campaign from Public Health England demonstrates UK government support for the use of e-cigarettes.  If this advocacy results in the National Health Service increasing its promotion of e-cigarettes and manufacturers are market-ready, it can only be a matter of time before we start to see a further growth in UK e-cigarette sales.

Impact is committed to staying at the forefront of developments in the e-cigarette sector.  We have a wealth of experience working with the category and through independent commissions.  To find out more contact Tom Gould, Head of Consumer on tom.gould@impactmr.com or call +44 (0)1932 226 793.

*Source: Barriers to Vaping online survey 2018, UK, 516 Smokers (131 e-cig non-users, 159 e-cig trialists, 58 lapsed e-cig users and 168 dualist e-cig and cigarette users), April 2018

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