December 2018


As the vaping category continues to develop in the UK, the challenge for e-cigarette companies is not just how to attract smokers, but also how to maintain a strong relationship with existing users, to help prevent them lapsing and turning back to a ‘cigarette-only’ lifestyle.

Impact recently spoke to a sample of UK smokers with varying experiences of e-cigarettes. One such audience we surveyed was lapsed users – those who used to vape regularly, but no longer do.

When asked why they no longer vape, the most cited reason was that their e-cigarette broke (29%) - an experience that typically leads to distrust in a brand and more broadly a whole category. Unsurprisingly in a purchase decision, this group say they place high importance on device quality. Specifically, 47% claim battery life as important - the highest of all the groups we spoke to. When asked about levels of satisfaction with different aspects of e-cigarettes, 41% of lapsed users expressed dissatisfaction with the battery life – again significantly higher than any other user group.

Lapsed users were more likely to have used mid-sized mods when they vaped, suggesting the issues might lie with this particular type of device. Both manufacturers and retailers have a role to play in resolving this, as they are considered to be influential in the purchase process for lapsed users. Manufacturers need to be conducting regular quality checks on their devices to avoid dissatisfying consumers. Over time this should help retailers build the confidence to reassure consumers that devices are of a high quality and are not going to let them down.

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*Source: Barriers to Vaping online survey 2018, UK, 516 Smokers (131 e-cig non-users, 159 e-cig trialists, 58 lapsed e-cig users and 168 dualist e-cig and cigarette users), April 2018

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