December 2018


Coming after a period of significant growth between 2012 and 2016, the number of vapers in the UK has started to show signs of a slowdown - with the increase in new vapers entering the category reducing year on year. Given that the vaping market looks to be achieving some level of maturity – what more should vaping brands be doing to convince the ‘cigarette-only’ smokers to start a journey into vaping? 

Impact spoke to a sample of UK smokers who have never vaped, to understand more about their needs and explore what could be done to introduce them to the vaping category.

Our analysis shows there are two types of non-user – those who are still very much open to the possibility of vaping and those who aren’t. In the main those who aren’t open to e-cigarettes are just not interested in trying or they simply don’t like the idea of vaping.

Those open to e-cigarettes - roughly half of the non-user segment - are more likely to be female, married and have children living in their household; and claim lack of knowledge is a barrier to purchase. 35% assert they don’t know enough about e-cigarettes and a further 25% say they wouldn’t know how to choose a vape/e-cigarette.

This group of consumers requires educating, and given more reassurance of the long-term health impacts. In fact 70% of them feel that a government study supporting these health impacts would make them more likely to vape, while a similar proportion say a news article making similar claims would also be effective.

These findings emphasise the need for long term research results endorsed by the government to be published.  The subsequent positive press this would create could bring about a fresh boost of momentum for e-cigarettes.

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Impact is committed to staying at the forefront of developments in the e-cigarette sector.  We have a wealth of experience working with the category and through independent commissions.  To find out more contact Tom Gould, Head of Consumer on or call +44 (0)1932 226 793.

*Source: Barriers to Vaping online survey 2018, UK, 516 Smokers (131 e-cig non-users, 159 e-cig trialists, 58 lapsed e-cig users and 168 dualist e-cig and cigarette users), April 2018

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